Our Facility

Cascade Garden inhabits three private acres in sunny Yakima, Washington.

Cascade Garden was originally established as a retail nursery, renowned for its unique setting and quality offerings. Many valley residents have fond memories of attending functions at the nursery, as the grounds slowly became more and more geared toward hosting events.

Now operating solely as an event center, we have transformed the structures and surroundings to provide the perfect backdrop for events of all kinds.

Stunning Mountain Lodge. The centerpiece of Cascade Garden is the timber-framed lodge made with old growth reclaimed lumber. It contains details you won’t see anywhere else, including custom stone work, a large granite fireplace, and entire trees built right into the structure. We often catch people staring at the amazing beams and overhear them wondering out loud about the unique use of materials throughout. The lodge has radiant floor heat in the winter and is fully air conditioned in the summer. It has a covered patio area surrounded by lovely gardens.

Large Reception Lawn with Covered Pergola The large reception lawn provides covered seating for even large events.