Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances this year's Christmas Market has been cancelled.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are in the process of adding FAQ's.  In the meantime, if you have questions, give us a call at 509-966-3744 or contact us through this site.

If we don't want delivery, can we pick up and return rental items ourselves?

Yes.  We are open 7 days a week and after hours by appointment.  Please make sure you have proper transportation for your rental items.  For example, our upholstered chairs and wooden tables must be transported in an enclosed vehicle if there is a chance of rain.  Most of our glasses come in a standard size rack, which is 20'x20' - the heights vary depending on the type of glass.  If you have questions about the sizes of specific items, please let us know. 

Which glasses are best for beer?

1. 16 oz. pint glass (often called a "pounder").  It's a classic.  2. 13 oz. glass mug (often called a "tankard").  Also on of our "go to" glasses for beer. It's easy to hold and carry. Plus, the handle prevents your hand from inadvertently warming up your beer. 3. 12 oz. hourglass "Pilsner" glass - often used for lighter beers.  4. 9 oz. hi-ball glass - often used when you want a smaller serving like during cocktail hour, or when you are providing a flight of beer. This is a traditional Kolsh-style glass.  5. Our 20 oz. all-purpose glass is awesome for beer.  Similar to what you would find in a British pub, with a larger capacity than our standard pint.  6. Our 24 oz. jumbo cooler is basically the big brother of our standard pint glass, with the same shape.  7. Stemware.  Yes, beer is frequently served in stemware.  You've probably heard the term "chalice" which is simply a stemmed glass used for beer.  Our snifters have a great capacity and are often used for IPAs and Belgian beers.  Snifters are known for enhancing the aromatics of beer.  Our Bristol glasses are also used for stronger beer varieties and the top curved rim helps maintain the foam head.  Our 8 oz. footed glasses are also great for a smaller portion.

Which glasses do your recommend for water?

1.  12 oz. water goblets are our "go to" for water service.  They not only look great, but they are sturdy and practical. 2. 12 oz. tumbler is a little more on the casual side, but a quality option that doesn't compete with the other stemware on your table.  3. 16 oz. pint glass is great when you need more hydration.  It's clean simple lines work with any style. 4. 20 oz. all purpose glass might be the way to go on a hot day when everyone is extra thirsty.  5. 16 oz. Mason jar can add a fun dimension to your tablescape.  6. Riedel 20 oz. Magnum is our most formal choice - but remember it is fine crystal, so be careful with the ice cubes. 

Do I have to reserve my items in advance?

Early reservations are advisable, but not required.  While we have a large inventory and can handle large events, there is a large demand for our items, particularly in the summer months and during the holiday season.  Also, because some of our decorative items are one-of-a-kind pieces, you should reserved as early as possible to ensure availability.  Having said that, we have been working in the event world long enough to realize that sometimes you NEED something RIGHT AWAY.  We are open 7 days a week and have been known to mobilize after-hours on a moment's notice.  It's never too late to ask - if we can help you out, we will!

Do items need to be returned clean?

Good news.  We do the dishes for you!  All glassware, dishware, flatware and serving items are cleaned in our high-temp commercial dishwasher and will come to you clean, wrapped and ready-to-use. We ask that glassware be empty and returned in its original containers.  Dishware, flatware and serving items should be rinsed free of food and debris.   

Linens do not need to be cleaned.  Please return linens free of food and other debris in the laundry bags provided.